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bass viols

Our bass viol is based on an instrument by Barak Norman (ca. 1710), which can be found in the Museum of Musical Instruments in Berlin.
The Maestro-Model (see photo on the right) has a body from flamed maple and a top made of fine spruce. It has a decorative inlay on the back, a decorative carving at the neck and a rosette as well as a broken scroll and finger board an tail piece framed with contrasting woods. As an alternative to the “huge” bass-viol (string length 68cm, body length 69cm, length over all 116cm) we offer a smaller “Division”-viol (all dimensions about 1 inch less - perfect for solo parts as well as for players with small hands). More Photos of our instruments (and. some detail photos) can be found in the gallery!
The student-instruments are made of simpler woods (plain or irregular flamed maple) and with reduced decoration but made in the same traditional way as the Maestro models.  The pegs are made from european boxwood. All instruments have 7 gut frets and gut strings by Pirastro which are available worldwide from many music shops - and, of course, from us!                                        

bass viols
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