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For many years we had a cooperation with a violin maker workshop where our viols have been produced. Unfortunatelly our partner came in a state of insolvency and had to stop the buisness. At the moment we can't offer viols anymore. We work hard to close that gap. Please let us know if you should be interested in our viols. We'll keep you informed about the estimated times for delivery. Thanks very much for your patience!
soft cases

gigbag for treble viol€ 79,-

gigbag for tenor viol€ 89,-

gigbag for bass viol€ 98,-

surcharge for gigbags made to order+ € 30,-

hard cases

light fiberglass inforced hard case for treble viols€ 640,-**

light fiberglass inforced hard case for tenor viols
€ 820,-**

light fiberglass inforced hard case for bass viols
€ 920,-**

** Price includes removable fabric-covered padding to adapt the case to the instrument (excl. costs for shipping).  
For any further information pleasee do not hesitate to contact us!

surcharge for cases with special dimensions on request


For prices for bows click here!



stand for treble viol, violin or medieval fiddle
€ 59,-

stand for tenor & bass viol and violoncello
€ 69,-

stand for violone and double bass
€ 89,-

All prices are incl. 19% german VAT plus postage and packing.


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